Anja McCloskey – Black Coffee

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Anja McCloskey has a new video out called Black Coffee. It’s an animated short by Joe McDonald and James Crawford. The characters are stop motion little paper dolls. She also has a new single “Italian Song”, which will be out on Sotones Records on 17th May. Anja is a half American half German singer songwriter and accordionist out of Southampton, England. Her Grandfather played the accordion and passed on his legacy to Anja. Her voice is very unique and unlike one I’ve heard before. In her song Black coffee it’s mostly just her and her accordion though out most of the song and reminds me of a solo gypsy singer you might meet on the road in 1920. Her music is timeless and yet doesn’t seem to fit in any time perfectly. A rare and interesting bird. She’s going on tour in the UK if you’d like to catch her:

4th March 2012 – Smilefest, Southampton – 1:30 pm at The Soul Cellar
5th March 2012 – Beck Goldsmith’s Album Launch at The Slaughtered Lamb, London – evening
19th March 2012 – Surya, Kings Cross, London – evening

7th April 2012 – Googies, Folkestone – evening (8.30pm)
8th April 2012 – LR6, Brussels – afternoon session (5pm)
10th April 2012 – Freundlich Kompetent, Hamburg, Germany – evening
11th April 2012 – Himmel und Erde, Itzehoe, Germany
12th April 2012 – Prinz Willy, Kiel, Germany – evening
13th April 2012 – Stubenrocker @ Makrele Bar, St. Pauli, Hamburg (acoustic set)- evening

13th May 2012 – Worcester Arts Workshop, Worcester – Lazy Sunday Session, daytime
18th Mary 2012 – Road to Blissfields at the Joiners, Southampton – evening
19th May 2012 – Brighton Fringe Festival, Brighton – Special Performance for Emmaus


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