Shadows in the Basement : Swept Away

Shadows in the Basement is a project from Dennis Binnekade and Siddhartha Barnhoorn started in 2010. They wanted to write tranquil and emotional music and set out to do just that. Their EP, Swept Away, is the embodiment of their success. It is the perfect winter music to listen to while daydreaming out the window and thinking of warmer days. Their instrumentation is vast and includes, sitars, piano, orchestration, guitar, an ethereal voice and more which I can’t yet decipher. Their full length album is set to be released in 2012 sometime and will include a full orchestra. I’d say the closest comparisons I can think of is a little bit Air meets a little bit David Bowie. Their Demo includes three songs Mesmerized, Magic Vale, and Driftwood which you can listen to below. I’m excited for their full length and will keep you posted on it’s release.
Keep up to date on their website:
And you can check out their other projects here:


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