Sean Cooney: The Last Thing I Heard Before the Zombie Apocalypse

“Imagine if you will…

The lovechild of David Bowie and Katy Perry ran away from home, met up with T-Pain in Miami, moved to Brooklyn to lay down one of the most ridiculous party albums known to man, The Last Thing I Heard before the Zombie Apocalypse.” With such a description Brooklyn artist Sean Cooney is prepared to impress. I love this record. Not because it’s the latest indie Brooklyn scenester to appear and release a record. But because he doesn’t take himself seriously. He’s not out to be the hippest next thing. You can tell he genuinely just enjoys what he does and has a sense of humor about it. Also there are trumpets and like I’ve said before, being a trumpet player myself I always get excited when I hear one.

While most Brooklyn artists who are probably obsessing over their thrift store casio, Sean is creating what’s in his heart. Happy music meets cake, rainbows, and a pegacorn dance off. Bam. His latest record has a myriad of influences from hip hop, dance, pop, rock, to folk, Queen to Andre 3000. Sean attended AMDA, studied for Broadway shows and has played in many professional Jazz bands. He has a trained voice that is definitely at home over his pop songs. I think most people whether they listen to MGMT, Justin Bieber, or Prince will find something to enjoy in “The last thing I heard before the zombie apocalypse.”


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