It’s On! Issue Number Five Begins Now!!!!

We are very excited to announce that work on issue number five of Sergeant Sparrow Magazine has begun. We are now accepting submissions for art, and literature.

Anyone can submit work to Sergeant Sparrow Magazine!
Send this to your friends and get your work in print!

Sergeant Sparrow Records is an independent record label that publishes contributed work by unknown and DIY musicians, artists, and writers. We also publish a contributor based music, art and literature magazine entitled Sergeant Sparrow Magazine and run the blog where we promote new work submitted to us weekly. We strive to give artists a place to express themselves and not gloss over who they really are. The intent of Sergeant Sparrow is to support and aid unknown and DIY artists, writers, and musicians to further their careers and give them a place to show their work and in that build a community of creators. We accept contributions from people all over the world and are not limited to our locations as we are currently located in different places across America. If your work is interesting, unique, thought provoking, unknown, or just plain awesome we would love to showcase it!

Sergeant Sparrow Magazine:
In our magazine we feature musicians from all over the country who we think have an interesting sound. The magazine contains information, interviews, and a compilation CD from the featured musicians. These artists, though not signed to Sergeant Sparrow Records have agreed to release their music to you, through the magazine. It is not, however, limited to music. Throughout the magazine you will find art and literature from our contributors.

Each magazine features at least four musical acts and comes with a compilation CD of their music. Our base of readership for the magazine is nation wide including cities such as Boston MA, Baltimore MD, San Diego CA, Portland OR, and Seattle WA.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about Sergeant Sparrow. We look forward to continuing our promotion of music art and literary works.

The Staff

Send submissions to Angel @

Letters to the Editor:
Letters may be edited for length and clarity, and may be published in any medium.

Email Submissions and guidelines
• a link or mp3 of one of your songs
• bio or story (limit 300 words)

All types of art are welcomed: photos, sculpture, art jewelry, paintings, prints,
drawings, illustrations, comics, lithography, photograms, collage, and
performance art (video submissions for web, email with inquiries).
• emailed submissions must be over 1 mb in jpg or tiff format
• artist statement (limit 300 words)

Fiction, non-fiction, poetry, rants, experiments, interviews and articles
(any kind) should be sent in pdf, .doc or docx format. rtf is okay too. Do
not paste them into the message field.
• poetry limited to approximately 200 words
• all other forms of writing limited to approximately 2000 words


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