The Offset

The offset is a new band submitted to us recently. They are from Washington D.C. and members include Mike Richards (vocals), Burd Boonyoo (guitar), Jonny Franks (bass), and Ken Yang (drums). It reminds me of lounge music performed by folk rock artists but would be more appropriately called alternative rock and directed towards fans of Incubus and The Foo Fighters minus the distortion. Their new EP includes three songs the last being the most enthusiastic. Their music is very straightforward and will most likely please the general populace.


Where are you located/from?
Washington D.C.

How does D.C. influenced your style?
D.C. has brought us up listening to a variety of things around the area and definitely inspired us with some of the artwork and musicians we’ve met. It has also really brought a great group of musicians that are dedicated to getting something worthwhile done and I think that makes us a little bit perfectionist when it comes to the songwriting process, so it makes releases a bit lengthy sometimes.

What inspires your songwriting and lyrics?
Life in general, getting through breakups and self realization in a general sense. The music we make we just want it to be simple but complicated in certain ways. Not too much of either but not too boring or hard to listen to. If it’s fun we jam on it, boring, eh fuck it.

Where did you record your EP? Who produced it?
The EP was recorded and produced at Cue Recording Studios by Blaine Misner.

What’s Next?
We’re doing things a little backwards, and getting new material ready to start gigging heavily for the summer, and hit the studio again hopefully sometime in the next year for a full album. We’ll also be releasing our new EP on iTunes and through our sites in the late March timeframe.

Like them on facebook.


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