Featured Artist of the Week : Colin Tyler

On this recording, Jake Bouquet lead guitar, Scot Stewart rhythm guitar/various, Dorian Duffy bass, Matt Kooi keys, Sammy Del Real drums

Colin Tyler has a back woodsy sound about him. Like he just spent the better part of the winter living off of bear meat and building ramshackle shelters out of their hides. I’m pretty sure he owns a gun. I’m also pretty sure if I don’t review him in a positive light I might get it. His music is bawdy and graceful at the same time. It’s sad and introspective one minute and then really pissed off the next, like being sad in the first place is what made him so angry and screw you for listening in the first place! Then he hollers and the song is over. You kind of want to curl up in a ball. Then he lulls you back into a sense of security again with another song but your not quite sure what he has up his sleeve. Is this coldplay? Where did the mountain man go? In his EP “The April Sessions” (listen below) you can hear a myriad of styles but his presence remains the same; intimate, forceful and penetrating, kind of like muscly romance novel cover boys. Just don’t shoot me for that comparison, Fabiozly Adams.

PS He recorded it with Steve Albini. Uh-mazing!



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