The Doctors Fox Mix It Up

-Spencer Thurlow
I love listening to The Doctors Fox. It’s because they are highly talented and they seem to mix everything together, blending things like Pop, Soul, Prog and Klezmer, among others. Klezmer? Prolific is a good word for it. The way that The Doctors Fox will describe their music is that they know Jazz, but play Rock. They also want to take songwriting in a different direction. In an interview, lead singer and bassist David Ladon talks about his wish to make mundane things interesting. “It doesn’t all have to be about love, death and addiction,” he says. He was talking about the song “Autobiography of a Beached Whale,” which is about, well, a beached whale. But despite what he says it’s still emotional. If you couldn’t tell already, The Doctors Fox takes a strong influence from bands like They Might Be Giants. They have one album, Plural Non-Possessive, which you can download for FREE from their bandcamp. I highly suggest doing that. They seem to have been around since 2009. I discovered them at a basement venue in Boston, and if you ever get the chance to see them, you should.

The first song off their album. There is a crazy violin solo towards the end.


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