Other Lives

-Spencer Thurlow

Other Lives is an indie group from Stillwater, Oklahoma. They’ve been around since 2009, and have produced three albums. They sound a little like Interpol or Radiohead and they make a nice use of a piano and violin and the cello. If this were the year 2004, I would be really excited about them. In fact, an earlier incarnation of Other Lives, called Kunek, did form in 2004, but they dissolved shortly after. Now it’s 2012 and there are a million bands of all sizes out there with this kind of sound right now, some of which are really good (Coldplay, Dark Dark Dark etc.), so there is a lot of competition. Other Lives has all the talent that they need and I think everyone can see their potential: they are currently opening for Radiohead and they will be playing Coachella this year. But right now I think they lack whatever it is they need that will ultimately set them apart. They are worth keeping an eye on.

Their interview with The Inside Track

This is the video for their hit single, “Black Tables.”

And Tamer Animals:


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