Interview with Thom Van

-Angel Russell
Thom Van is a new artist from Artesia who’s work was recently submitted to us. He writes personable, tranquil folk songs and has quite a unique voice. He is currently working on his EP, Volume 1. We are fortunate to have a few of it’s rough demo’s which you can hear at the end of his interview. It’s not set for release until May 1st. His songwriting is very original and not just another replication or retake of singer songwriters before him. I can’t actually think of a comparison right now, maybe a little bit Vetiver . . . but even that’s not quite right. You just need to hear it for yourself. You can pre-order Volume 1 here.

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Where are you from/located?
I was born in Artesia, but I moved around a lot my whole life. Currently I am residing in Long Beach, Ca.

Can you give us a brief description of your musical past?
I knew that I wanted to play music from a young age and started with the saxophone. I found the guitar when I was 13 but due to not practicing enough my dad would not pay for any more lessons. On what I knew would be my final lesson I asked for advice from the teacher and he said that I should concentrate on songwriting and not try to be the fastest or most technical player but just try to be the best songwriter. I only started signing because no one else wanted to sing and they deemed that since they were my songs I should be the one to sing them. Later I found Tom Petty & Simon & Garfunkle, which really changed the way I thought about writing structure and harmonies.

What inspires your creativity?
Everything really, but generally the songs come from some emotion or situation that I am struggling with & like any other artist I think this is my way of talking myself through it.

Where do you feel most at ease when creating?
Honestly, it kind of depends on what kind of a mood I am in, but I really like writing songs at the park, there is just something to be drawn from all the beautiful scenery that I hope makes its way into my songs in some way shape or form.

You have a new EP coming out in May, did you write and record all the tracks?
I did write all the songs on the EP but when recording I believe in knowing my limitations with the instruments and was not too proud to elicit help where needed to reach my overall vision.

Who recorded the EP?
I started the foundation of the recording at “Hot Tracks” in Austin Texas and continued my recording with “Mansion Recording”. My producer Jarrett Killen moved back to Caliornia and we are finishing the rest of the recording here at the newly transplanted “Mansion Recording” studio.

Who are the other musicians on the EP?
Jarrett Killen & Danny Malone

What do you have planned when it’s complete?
We are still working through some of the logistics to put together the best and most personable package together which is an exciting & inspiring process. We will be hand making the initial run of the EPs and currently setting up shows to promote “Volume I”.


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