Interview with Owls and Sushi a Totally Brand New Project!

Owls and Sushi is a new project from North Carolina started in December of 2011. They recently submitted their newest release to Sergeant Sparrow called, Glow. It was released on their own label, A toast of Sauce.

This is our interview with Chris:
Where are you from/located?
I am from America and located in North Carolina.

Can you give us a brief description of your musical past?
I have always been interested in music. When I was younger I would play on the keyboard or pick up a guitar to strum. I love everything to be experimental and spontaneous.

What inspires your creativity?
Mainly from life, nature, emotions, and the little things. Also a bit from other beatnik designers.
Owls and Sushi is a solo project started in December of 2011.

Where do you feel most at ease when creating?
I feel at ease the most actually inside my home as the atmosphere is just peaceful.

Do you write from an emotional or non-emotional space?
It has to be a purely heartfelt space.

When did you begin creating and recording music?
I began creating and recording music December 2011. That is when my projects really came to life. For me it (Owls and Sushi) is a personal project that launched near the end of 2011. It just clicked to go another step further and see what would present itself. I am grateful for those who have been encouraging during this process.

What instruments do you play?
I sometimes play the flute. It all depends on what I am going for at the time.


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