Jessica Lynne’s Indie Country

I don’t listen to country. I think it’s interesting that it is one of the biggest sellers in the US because it never makes it into my daily life, no conversations, music, etc. So when Jessica Lynne’s work was submitted to me I thought hmm, ok, let’s see. . . For starters she has a pretty voice, she sings what I would imagine are the typical country themes, cowboys, freedom, a little bit of a twang and lots of vibratto. She actually reminds me of Dolly Parton. Her new album “Spiritual Cowgirl” has all there is to love about country. A sad song, a song about a cowboy, a slide guitar, harmonies, and a pretty girl with a pretty voice. I do have a lot of respect for musicians and artists that are following their dreams, and if this country album is Jessica’s dream than Yee Haw lady! He story is also bigger than just wanting to sing country music. She is originally from Denmark, she never heard country music until she was 12. When she finally did she knew she wanted to sing. She had an opressive religious upbringing that would not allow her to perform with the school choir because calling attention to ones self was not allowed. She was taught to keep quiet. So, she became a painter in Barcelona, a creative outlet to be sure, but not one in which she could wail her country heart out. She didn’t last and got a “real job”, gasp, a project manger for a large firm! Creative soul smashed. She also got into an abusive relationship. Things were not looking good for Ms. Lynne. But a creative heart can never be squelched for long and she rose above all that to dedicate herself to her true calling. First, she got on a plane and flew to India. (Apparently country was hiding there.) She lived in an ashram. “Weeks on end of thirteen-hour-days moved her through various forms of detox: fear, anger, exhaustion and a host of physical reactions. Eventually the detox ran its course and Lynne emerged energized and at peace.” Her whole and balanced heart screamed “Sing country music!” This is why I like country now, because artists fight and claw their way through so much to prove that what they do is both meaningful, true, and something the world desperately needs. When artists prevail over all that life puts in front of them to stop them, they become heros. And you can do nothing but stand in awe of their passion, whether it enters your daily conversations or not.

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