Ten$ion: Die Antwoord Goes Dubstep

Ten$ion: Die Antwoord Goes Dubstep
– Spencer Thurlow

In his new album from ZEF Recordz, Antwoord takes a huge step away from the more traditional rap/hip hop that dominated his previous album SOS. Of course, he still has some East Coast flavor with songs like “Hey Sexy,” that echo the golden era of Nas and Eminem. And with Yolandi on almost every track and Hi-Tek still on the beats he does claim that original Zef flow, but the fuck you “Enter the Ninja” kind of stuff is rare in Ten$ion. He either substitutes it for hi riding gangsta lyrics or veers off in to new electronic waters. Like “Never Le Nkemise 2,” the last track on the album, is straight up trance and Dubstep, with minimal lyrics. It’s like the album has a split personality. Yolandi is as weirdly appealing as ever and I think it’s totally cool that the Antwoord wants to take things in a new direction with Ten$Ion, but seriously, “Baby’s on fire” sounds like it belongs in a workout video. And if you’re into that, well, check it. The Album releases on Feb 7th.

Here’s the promotional video, which is reminiscent of Lady GaGa. Also “Ten$Ion?” Ke$ha anyone?


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