Safeword EP Review: Hot:Crazy

Safeword is an exciting new punk band from Austin Texas. Their most recent EP Hot:Crazy is five songs of listenable lo-fi punk glory. Members include Camron Rushin, Jon Huebner, and Alon Bernstein. Their story is fairly simple, Camron had a band, they moved, then broke up. Camron was sad. Luckily Camron met Jon = love. They practiced for three weeks found a drummer and BAM! Safeword. As uncomplicated as the story is, their new EP is much the same, but no less enjoyable. Bass, Guitar, Drums; I wish more bands would just keep it real. Their singer. . .he sings, not always on key, but who cares Goddammit! This is music as it should be. Like them on facebook because I say so!


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