New Band: NO. . . (No, I mean that is the band name. . . No)

A new band from Los Angeles called No is gracing the airwaves. Apparently Bono gave them the idea for their name, a change from No Cover. Members include, Nick Jarzabek, Mike Jarzabek, Tim Jarzabek and Justin Corman. They sound like a slightly poppy indie punk band obsessed with The Beatles. The vocal harmonies are all there and even a hint of the Beach Boys in the happy vibe. NO broke out in Hollywood at the Viper Room and went on to play Freiheit 36 Kaiserkeller in Hamburg, and they mentioned “where the beatles used to play.” The original guitar player Chris Reynolds died at age 19. Bandmate Nick started playing his songs and currently all members contribute to the song writing. I like them. They’ve taken an old idea, made it new and entirely their own. I’m also glad a new band isn’t afraid to use choral style vocal harmonies. They have gusto.



  1. im loving meet me after dark. nick jarzabek’s voice is amazing. also, clever band name. i think it is very cool bono had the idea. where can i get their cd?

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