Big Charlie Album Review: Too Little Too Late

When listening to Big Charlie you would never believe there are only two members, Matteo De Ruggieri (vox,guitar) and Stefano Milella (synth, programming, drum machine). Their new album “Too Little Too Late” (Snowy Peach Records ) was released on november 9th 2011. Their eight songs (Haunted, The Sun, Here Comes the Mobster, Morphine, Ask quietly, What if, Headache, and Wait til the end) were mixed by Hugo Tempesta and recorded by Gianluca Dentamaro at Crescendo Studio in Bari, Italy. It definitely has a European dance vibe to it, but more importantly is there Indie Elctro feel. Matteo and Stefano are influenced by such bands as, TV On The Radio, Everything Everything and Toro Y Moi, but not emulating them so much it’s obvious. With MGMT’s minor flop Congratulations I thought indie electro might be in a sad decline but Big Charlie has come along to steal the lime light. “Too Little Too Late” starts with pretty chill synths and drum beats with multiple part vocal harmonies. The same feel continues throughout until “Morphine” which has a much happier pop single vibe to it full with symphony samples. “Ask Quietly” is true to it’s name and is an even simpler track, but still has the multiple vocal harmonies and synth melodies and is the point where the album continues that feel to the end. The high point being their second song “The Sun”. Check them out on Bandcamp and buy it on Itunes.


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