Featured Artist of The Week: The Mumlers


From the Galaxa Website:
“The Mumlers are a mercurial cast of misfit noisemakers corralled together by songwriter Will Sprott, originally formed in San Jose, CA. In 2008 Galaxia Records released Thickets & Stitches, their first album. Dozens of people heard about it & liked it. In 2009 they released their second LP Don’t Throw Me Away, & toured the US with the Black Heart Procession, the Morning Benders and the Submarines. Word spread of their live performances & in 2010 they headlined a sold out show at San Francisco’s Noisepop festival & played the Treasure Island festival alongside Belle & Sebastian, Broken Social Scene, the Sea & Cake, She & Him, & the National. In 2011 they toured with the Dodos, the Tallest Man on Earth, Morcheeba & Two Gallants. Some other people they played with along the way are Booker T. Jones, Yo La Tengo, Vetiver, the Entrance Band, Kelley Stoltz, Matmos, Papercuts and Clinic as well as underground heros such as the Legendary Stardust Cowboy & Darondo. The Legendary Stardust Cowboy also played bugle on their first record.

Critic Dennis Cook, of Jambase, has called them a, “bobbing, beautiful iceberg” and noted in a review of their most recent LP, “One is starting to get a feel for what constitutes a Mumlers tune but woe to anyone who thinks that notion has any real parameters. As they grow and extend their own listening and playing there’s really no telling what might get pulled into their gravity, which makes for really exciting music. With The Mumlers a crazy range of music appears to be fair game to be enthusiastically engaged and manipulated to their ends. And one of the best overriding aspects is the dust and rust in their machinery. Nothing’s too tidy on Don’t Throw Me Away, where soft and low dewy-eyed testaments to love alternate with saucy lines (and the music to match them). Playful and heartfelt, The Mumlers sophomore effort confirms the floating promise of the boffo debut and builds on it in a way that makes one salivate quietly for record number three, four, etc.”


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