Symphony EP Review

Symphony is a new band from Hollywood. The band consists of Briton Sky (lead vocals), Brandon Marlan (guitars) Cameron Kay (bass), and Jonny Weiner (drums, percussion). Their first self titled EP came out on the first of the new year. It includes three tracks, So Sweet (Ride On), Bad Guy, and Gold Digger. They claim many influences and styles, but one is prevalent in their sound, RAWK. My first thought upon hearing them was Adam Ant, with their driving drum beats and punk anthem type vocals in So Sweet. The song morphs into an almost metal chorus complete with doom guitars and drum solos. Their next song for good or bad reminds me of Guns and Roses. Briton’s voice howls the way Axel Rose’s tight pants makes him. Symphony’s drummer Jonny lays down solid rhythms in Bad Guy and drives the song forward. The rest of the band rides on his magical percussive wave, guitars battling while Briton croons in his hypothetical tight pants. I’m not sure if he has a pair, but I think he should probably find some quick. Their shows in and around Los Angeles would surely benefit. In their last song on the EP, Gold Digger, the wailing and drum solos continue into a blur of symbols, screams, and guitar and drum solos. It’s a perfect ending to their three song set. If that’s not enough you can go to their show at The Roxy in Los Angeles on the 27th.

And what’s this? I think those might be tight pants! Squeal!


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