The Street Art of RECAL Oosterman

Daniel RECAL Oosterman is a leading street artist in Amsterdam. His work includes a wide array of influences and styles. Some of his women call to mind Jamie Hewlett, artist of Tank Girl and Gorillaz. His work is modern, with thick black sweeping strokes over a smooth cold canvas of city colors, browns, greys, and whites. He is evocative, pensive, and thought provoking. He includes emotion in all of his work, from sadness to hope, joy to decay.

He began as a graffiti artist in the 90’s under the name RECAL or RECALONE at 16 in the suburb streets of Amsterdam, but was also called to the canvas when at home. Doing so opened many doors for him to expand his influence of graffiti art into something more. When working on canvas he still has the free spirit of the outdoors, seen in his expressionist outlook on his subjects.

His work has been shown around the world; London, New York, Barcelona, Antwerp and his native Amsterdam. We are thrilled to have him here.

Click on the images below to enlarge them:

Visit his site for more.


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