Featured Artist of the Week: Other Lives

Other Lives won the award for best singer songwriter of 2011 and it’s obvious why. Their most recent record, Tamer Animals, was produced by Beck’s longtime drummer, Joey Waronker in the band’s own space in Stillwater, Oklahoma. It took fourteen months to put out. You can tell they made every effort to make the album as polished and perfect as possible, because it is. They truly have their own sound and have created a soon to be classic. Tamer Animals is a journey, one in which the point is not to pop in a CD to distract you while you make pancakes; but to sit, close your eyes, and listen. It takes you on a journey if you let it. They are currently touring with Radiohead in the states and Mexico, I highly recommend attending a show if you can.

The band’s website

The album’s website:


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