Monks of Mellonwah EP Review: Stars Are Out

Recently nominated for “Best Rock Artist” and “Best Indie Rock Artist” for the upcoming 2012 All Indie Music Awards, Monks of Mellonwah must be doing something right. They are yet another band from the Australian indie music scene putting out unique sounds. Yet unlike Aussie indie greats such as Gotye, their songs rage. They begin as simple indie ballads and transgress into rampaging rock songs filled with woe and the necessary nasty guitar shred. They emulate greats such as Queens of the Stone Age and at times their vocals remind be of Red Hot Chili Peppers lead singer Anthony Kiedis, when they were new and underground. Their first E.P., “Stars Are Out” includes six songs of complex guitar riffs, syncopated drum beats, and heart wrenching vocals. Their six song EP recorded in 2010 has been given a lot of notice and they are currently working on a new album. They are playing The Key Club in LA on February 10th. If you’re in L.A. go check them out.

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Stars are out EP, available on iTunes.

A song “Neurogenesis” from their upcoming album:


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