Featured Artist of the Week: The Lake and the Lion

-Angel Russell
Americana folk rock band The Lake and The Lion released their first release earlier this year in April on Get Better! Records/Emfur Music Productions, called Dark Wood, Dark Water. Recorded in one day in a little studio in Jaffrey, NH. You can hear the spontaneity in the tracks and the essence of their live sound. George Barber is the head of the band, originally from Cape Cod and currently living in Keene, NH. What began as a solo project turned into The Lake and the Lion. George’s songwriting is straightforward and heartfelt with each band member adding a bit of their own flair. Band members include: Andrew Hodgdon on Cello, Chris Clark on Drums, Joe McConaughy on Viola, Andrew Johnson on Guitar, Owen Davis on Bass, Chris Foster on Horn/ Accordion, Hannah Gagnon on Keys. Their album reminds me of winter in New England, scarfs and hats, coats and frosty breath. You want to wrap yourself up real tight put your headphones on and brace yourself before you head outside. This is the band I’d listen to as I stepped out. You can buy their whole album for only six dollars from their bandcamp. This is definitely a band to watch, I’m excited to see what they do next.

Don’t forget to like them on facebook!


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