Phil the Tremolo King’s Train Tour Needs You!

Our featured artist Phil the Tremolo King has a kickstarter fundraiser going to help him tour the country by train. He needs help getting the funds to go on tour. One of the trains he will be taking the Sunset Limited is under threat of being discontinued, so help him keep trains alive.
-Sergeant Sparrow


New Orleans Musician Tours the Southwest by Train

Phil the Tremolo King, New Orleans based singer-songwriter and indie musician, is taking the DIY ethos one step further. Combining practical concerns and ecological considerations, he will be touring the Southwestern US by train in the Fall of ’11.

the ‘Tremolo Train Tour’ will take Phil aboard the Amtrak Sunset Limited from New Orleans to Los Angeles, stopping at cities in between to play shows. Planned stops are San Antonio, Alpine, TX, El Paso, Yuma, Tucson, Palm Springs and LA. The tour will be documented extensively through an interactive blog.

Phil is hoping to use the tour to raise awareness about the benefits of train travel, and specifically about the fate of the Sunset Limited. Unfortunately this historic trainline is under threat of being discontinued. Since Amtrak is federally funded, Congress mandates that any non-profitable trainline is to be cut. However, studies have shown that having the Sunset Limited run daily instead of three times a week could make it one of Amtrak’s most profitable lines.

So, besides CD’s and T-shirts expect to find literature about train travel and the Sunset Limited on Phil’s merchandise table. Entertain and educate is his motto!

Phil has mounted a kickstarter campaign to finance the tour. Pledges are starting to come in and even though the deadline is a little under three weeks away, Phil is confident the project will get funded and the Tremolo Train will roll through Louisiana swampland, Texas hill country, and the enchanting Southwestern desert lands to finally arrive at the City of Angels!

Phil needs to raise $2000 by September 20 and needs your help! Pledges start at $1. A $15 pledge gets you a CD of train songs recorded especially for the tour. Higher pledges get you more music, original artwork, and for a $200 pledge Phil will write you your very own song with title and subject of your choosing!

Help keep the Tremolo Train on track, raise awareness about eco-friendly train travel and save the Sunset Limited!

Phil ‘the Tremolo King’ Vanderyken is a singer-songwriter living in New Orleans. Born and raised in Belgium, he moved to New York in the 90ies to pursue his dream of becoming a professional musician. His latest CD ‘11’ is available from Norman Records (UK) and has received press and airplay in the US, UK and Spain.


Phil Vanderyken


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