Yes Oui Si Show Tonight.

Nina Violet, Milo Silva and Mornin’ Old Sport Playing at the Yes Oui Si space tonight in Boston. Yes Oui Si is a new multimedia art space that favors mixed-media and music. This will be a really great show and should not be missed.

Photo by Niko Ewing

Milo Silva has become a master of the Mongolian horse head fiddle the Morin Huur and has performed many times in his adopted mother land, Mongolia, both on television and in Morin Huur competitions. When he first sits down to play the instrument it makes you wonder what sort of sounds will come out of it, and then he begins to play. It is simultaneously triumphant and somber. His experienced fingers know their way around its neck and his bow plays long songs both with poise and anguish. The room is still. The listeners are both intrigued and enlightened. When Milo thanks the audience and leaves the stage the echo of his song hovers in the air. The audience’s trance begins to lift and they applaud. Also playing at the space will be Nina Violet, who’s beautiful voice and viola never ceases to astonish, and  Mornin’ Old Sport (Zebulon Krol, Scott Nanos, Jeff Price, Kate Smeal) of Allston Ma. Together they play guitar, drums, upright bass, glockenspiel, toy piano, banjo and mandolin. If you have nothing to do tonight in Boston you should definitely come to this show. While there you can see all the art, albums, jewelry, and video installations that Yes Oui Si has to offer.

Yes Oui Si is located at 19 Vancouver St. Boston, MA, 02115. You can find more information here.


Sergeant Sparrow



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