Spotlight: Travels

Travels is the Boston based duo; Mona Elliot (Guitar, Vocals, Piano) and Anar Badalov (Guitar, Vocals, Beats, Piano, Samples). They are featured in Sergeant Sparrow issue number three. Their music is rooted in rock with sublime eccentricities of sequencing and beats interspersed. Distorted guitars roar over and under Mona and Anar’s elegant voices. Songs such as Burr Song, from their album Robber on the Run, set a common Travels mood with fluttering guitar work and ambient piano melodies that seem about to burst and swell into glorious noisy tirades at any second and then don’t. It’s not a let down, but a gentle touch in their songwriting that leaves you wanting more. The lyrics, “I am a burr, I won’t let go, your skin is wool” are much like hearing the song, it doesn’t let you go and after it’s over you want to listen again. Like a good movie there might be something you missed the first time.   Mona does all of the artwork for the band including the amazing music video for Burr Song shown here:

Burr Song Live

There is an immediacy to the music, something that warns of a change in the wind, like the morning light shrinking from a stormy cloud. If you listen carefully you can hear a small cry just before the storm hits, and when it does it would have the soundtrack of their song Dogs from their album, The Hot Summer. It begins with a thunderous opening in contrast to their other songs, one that wakes you up or startles you out of a numb mind. Their other songs seem to put you in an eerily quiet mood and then they jolt you awake with Dogs. You can picture creatures running from a storm, boughs breaking and limbs creaking from the force. Then, just like a sudden storm, they shrink back to survey the damage only to have the storm strike again with a booming cacophony of guitar drums and doom. It’s glorious.


Below is the interview from Sergeant Sparrow magazine with Travels.

You can purchase issue three of Sergeant Sparrow magazine from our store It comes with a compilation Cd with four of their lovely songs.

To hear more from this wonderful band visit their bandcamp,


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