Sergeant Sparrow Issue Three

Issue Three of Sergeant Sparrow Magazine is finished!  Hooray! This issue is all about transition, traveling, and touring.

Featured Artists: Tourists on Horses, Moomaw, Travels, and Anthony Austin.

Art in the magazine includes, Jennifer Langhammer, Mona Elliot, Andrea-Sokra-Rivera, MIlo Silva, Virginnia Brennen, Rebecca Swartwood, and more.

Also featured are short Stories by Ben Sweet and Julie Steinbacher. Poetry by Sally Clegg.

Photographers include, Amelia Leilani, Ray Ewing, Angel Russell, John Allen, Nick Sweet, Mona Elliot, Anthony Austin, Whit Lasker, Morgan Bassis, Rachel Baumrin, Julia Olivia, Em Brownlowe, Shelby Rodef, and Travis Ford.

Thanks again to everyone that makes Sergeant Sparrow possible. Your support lifts us up and keeps us moving.

Much Love,



Here are some sample pages. Available for sale January 24th!

Availble from


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