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I have been working to solve the problems I face after the sudden death of my mother. The SSR site will not be posting for a while until I can sort it all out.

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I want to do more reviews after this all settles and have written some updated submission guidelines. Visit our about page for more.



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Sergeant Sparrow Suffered a Major Loss.

On Monday night my Mom collapsed in a Ralph’s grocery store in LA. There was a doctor on the scene and he tried to resuscitate her as he only found a light pulse. The paramedics came and used defibrillators trying to keep her alive until they reached the hospital. Once there they used machines to get her heart going for 25 minutes. They were not able to revive her. As of now a cause of death is unknown.

Her death is a heartbreaking shock to all that knew her. Due to the suddenness of her death I do not have a savings prepared for such an event. My mother did not have a lot of money. Anything you might be able to donate will go a long way in helping me to get airfare to LA, attorney fees if needed, burial fees, coroner fees, memorial service costs, anything else that might come up that I have not foreseen. I have created a fundraiser through You can click on the link below to donate.

This is a trying time for all that knew her. Thank you for your support in our time of need.

Fiona Hare: Keep Me Wild

“How do you live without love?” Fiona Hare asks that question in her new album “Keep Me Wild.” Her music is honest folk with a slightly swing/Americana style, and a sparseness that makes you feel as if she’s in the room playing her sad songs just for you. Her instrumentation is guitar, piano, drums, organ, and synths. Her vocals are soft and slow like honey. They are emotive and deep and her melodies stay in your head for days. Some of the songs such as Black Dog, have a guttural raw feel, both tragic and beautiful at the same time.  Her piano and drums seems to come in at just the right time to help build the track into a powerhouse of emotion and drive. You’ll want to listen “Keep Me Wild” all over again after you hear it once. You can get her record on Bandcamp for $10. Have a listen below:

Alex Engstrom: All Over Again


Alexander Engström is from Sweden creates house music under the name “Alex Engstrom”. She has not released any music for the last two years as she has been furiously working away on her new album, “All Over Again” which is now complete! Her songs are energetic, filled with life, pop style vocal melodies, dance beats, and great production. Her production work began 9 years ago with hip hop music but the last four she has been dedicated to producing house music. The tracks on her new record are all synth and sample based, but Alex is also a pianist. Her arrangements on the new album bring together a seamless wave of upbeat complexity into soft and delicate breakdowns. The songs crescendo into a musical waterfall of glory and if it doesn’t make you want to dance, you might need to visit a doctor.  You can hear her album preview below:

Drop Kick: Trap Door


Dropkick is an electronic dance music project by Lee Lee and Cusp Cuspschen who’s sound is a combination of different genres and influences. Soul meets funk, electronic, and rock for an interesting culmination of sounds all blending into a delightful musical stew. Their beats are uptempo, excitable and fun. The synths and melodies all blend well together and create musical harmony. Their collaboration began when the two became homebound with the neurological symptoms of Lyme disease and M.E. The two met online and began their musical project together. They began in the arts world and due to illness decided a different approach to relive their creative inclinations. Their song Trapdoor  has been mixed into a variety of danceable hits ready for any DJ or dance party on their newest EP. Trapdoor in all its mixes is available on the new EP on bandcamp in both CD and download format.


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Sonnet to Sleep

Sonnet to Sleep is a band dedicated to beautiful melodies, indie rock and shoegaze style, and honest songwriting. It is the creation of indie artist Aaron Rios. “Affirmative Say Nothing” is a sophomore follow up to his 2009 release. The album has Aaron’s signature vocals that have perfect tone, emotion, and a raw guttural feel. His voice could be compared to David Grohl or even a Broadway male lead. The arrangements that back him up have passion and drive. The guitars are distorted and melancholy. The drums are powerful and intense. Sonnet to Sleep has a unique sound that pulls on many influences. The themes and melodies are sorrowful with a rock edge that keeps the songs moving forward. The album proceeds go to support a good cause; Arms Around the World. Listen and support below:

released 07 March 2014
Aaron Rios-Guitars, Vocals, Moog, Synth, Rhodes, Melotron
Wheeler Newman- Guitar, Slide
Shaun Combs- Guitar, Bass, Programming, Strings
Stephen Howell: Drums
Michael Schmitt -Drums

Proceeds to benefit Arms Around the World.

New Electronic Music: ÉchangeÉquivalent


With the melodic finger picking guitar intro to the album “Diversity” by ÉchangeÉquivalent you don’t expect the music to change to an electro, trip hop based tone, but it does indeed. It is a testament to the musicality and arranging of ÉchangeÉquivalent . “Diversity” transforms from a folk vibe to a tranquil trip hop song with song number two Can’t Move. Song three Samuri picks up the pace a bit with some more intricate beats and samples. The album continues to move to new and interesting styles and sounds as it evolves and is worth a listen. The production done in logic with the help of an iphone 4 for live instruments. You can buy the album with a “name your price” cost below:

Experimental Noise Rock: MR KITO

Experimental noise rock has had many incarnations most notably with acts such as Sonic Youth and Microphones. MR KITO brings a new perspective on the genre with dissonant harmonies, strange sound effects, drum beats ranging from sparse to expansively complex, and guitar work that follows the same dynamic. His songs don’t seem to follow a direct pattern as with most rock. The songs flow in a stream of ideas with interesting instrumentation throughout. The tone is mellow, unique, and well produced. Eric Michot is the man behind MR KITO. He is a French multi-instrumentalist and producer living in Cape Town since the year 1998. His music has been featured on radio stations all over the world ranging from Japan, to the USA, to Ireland. His newest (number seven) album called “Where Are The Lizards?” has been released on the Presence Records label and is available on Bandcamp, his website, and other relevant music sites. Listen below:

Experimental Music: Kramar Zaibatsu

The music of Kramar Zaibatsu is not classifiable. You could add some genre examples to show where it might fit such as, experimental, noise folk, electronic spelunking, but none would quite fit his sound. When his album “The Dark Enlightenment” begins you might think you’ve left your sound too low, and need to turn it up. Then you realize it’s all a part of the song, Entropy Wins. There are blips, static, synthesizers communicating on some robotic scale, and varied lengths of silence. I rather enjoy the effect. Kramar plays with silence the way Square Pusher plays with beats. The album that starts with some listener confusion leads you further down a path of the unheard. The next song, Always Have a Positive Outlook on Life and a Sense of Well Being of Self  has similar arranging with lapses of audio and then leads into static footsteps. It gives you a feeling that you are not listening to a new album, but that you are headed down into the recesses of Kramar’s mind. It seems a little dark in there, self aware, or at least trying to discover itself. “The Dark Enlightenment” is like walking into someone else’s auditory hallucination. You don’t know how you got there, but you can’t stop listening.

explicit lyrics

Adam Gilbert’s Soulful Music

Adam Gilbert is a musician that writes heartfelt ballads with a bit of an indie rock show tune undertone. He plays with a band that includes musicians, Adam (piano and vocals, producer, writer, engineer) Brian Prokop (drummer) Mark Stewart (bass) Sean O’flynn (guitar). On his current work, “A Generation of Forgotten Kings,” his arrangements are lush and his piano playing is rhythmic, elegant, and practiced. His voice is powerful and sombre, and his lyrics emulate his tone perfectly. “A Generation of Forgotten Kings” is a collection of songs dedicated to the underbelly of soul and the inner depth of feeling.  Adam is a graduate of University of Miami (2004), a New Jersey native, and has been active as a piano-based singer-songwriter, producer, and music director, since his graduation. You can find his music on Pandora, iTunes, and his website below.


Soundcloud Link to single: